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Caring for Wood Furniture

We recommend the Howard line of wood furniture care products.  You can learn more about which products are best for what purpose and application instructions at:

Caring for Steel Furniture

Be aware of the importance differences between stainless steel and regular carbon steel chrome plated steel and aluminum (In steel Its all about the presence of Chromium as an alloying element.  When Chromium is present in quantities above 14%,  normal carbon steel becomes stainless steel).   If you have trouble identifying the material on a piece, send us a picture and well try to identify it.   To clean stainless steel use just about any solvent you like, lacquer thinner, naptha, Goof-Off and a rag.   To remove scratches and more stubborn marks, use a green Scotchbright pad available at most hardware stores.  If necessary, you can use the more agressive red Scotchbright Pad but you will have to follow with fine wed-dry sandpaper or the green pads to remove the visible scratches

Regular Carbon Steel

If you got the item from Empiric it likely has a clear finish of polyeurethane that may have a coating of wax on top of it as well.  To inhibit oxidation, we recommend wiping down steel furniture with liquid car wax like Turtle Wax twice a year.  Do not use aggressive detergents and solvents on this type of steel as it will remove the protective polyurethane coating and lead to surface oxidation (rust).